Our Organization

The Terrace Little Theatre Society is a Registered Non-Profit Organization and a Registered
Canadian Charity which owns and operates The McColl Playhouse. All our actors, directors, crew
& production teams, along with our theatre maintenance people, are highly skilled and talented
local volunteers, who are working hard to help create and promote a vibrant arts community
in the Terrace area. Our Society thanks you so much for supporting us by buying tickets and
attending our performances!

Each year at our Annual General Meeting, our members elect a governing board from our active
membership. A Person or Organization is eligible to apply for membership if they are interested
in supporting the purposes and activities of the society and willing to comply with the
obligations in accordance with our Bylaws and our Code of Conduct. The person or organization
becomes a member on the Board’s acceptance of the application.

Our Vision

To enrich the lives of our communities by fostering diverse and creative dramatic experience, while being recognized throughout the region for our commitment to a safe, respectful, and progressive environment.


Terrace Little Theatre Society produces plays, offers education, and runs a theatre building. Our goal
is to be a leader amongst our community theatre peers by providing sound theatre management, educational programs, mentorships and outreach to youth and adults. As an inclusive volunteer organization, we collaborate with
the power of the arts and business partners to engage the community and our membership. As a vocal advocate for
diverse cultural experiences in the Skeena Valley, The Terrace Little Theatre Society draws on its pool of
member volunteers who work to strengthen and promote the organization. Through the operation of
our own space, The McColl Playhouse, Terrace Little Theatre Society is dedicated to fostering theatre, the presentation of theatre arts in all its diverse forms, and the preparatory work needed for public enjoyment. Ultimately, Terrace Little Theatre Society believes in the power of Art to bring all people together.

Respectful Theatre Workplace

Our aim is to create a respectful workplace that fosters individual well-being and engagement, which
translates into organizational productivity and success. However, respectful workplaces do not magically
happen. They require work and commitment from everyone. Each person has a practical role to play.
The challenge is that theatre workplaces are complex, dynamic environments. All the “players” have their role
and must work together to achieve a common goal. We are unique in who we are, how we work,
and what we value. Our attitudes and work practices are as diverse as our backgrounds.

When everyone interacts respectfully and harnesses this incredible diversity, a theatre workplace is a
progressive place of individual empowerment and organizational growth. Together we can create an environment where volunteers are happy, engaged, collaborative, and innovative. Each of us has the right to
work in an environment that is respectful. We also have an equal responsibility to treat others
respectfully. No exceptions. No excuses.

To help up reach our goals, the Terrace Little Theatre has adopted a code of conduct.



Terrace Little Theatre

3625 Kalum Street

Terrace, BC V8G 2P4

TLT members are expected to do their best with regard to

1 Courtesy and Respect

2 Compassion and Kindness

3 Responsibility for Words and Actions

4 Honesty and Ethics

5 Commitment

6 Integrity and Trustworthiness

7 Privacy and Confidentiality

8 Timeliness

9 Teamwork

10 Nurture and Care

11 Constructive Problem-Solving and Conflict-Resolution

12 Fairness

13 Inclusivity

14 Freedom from aggression, bullying, discrimination, harassment, malice, violence

15 Stewardship

16 Prudence and Propriety

17 Safety and Security

18 Positive Public Image of the TLT Society

19 Support and Promotion of the TLT’s Productions and Projects

20 Protection of the TLT Society’s Interests and Assets

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