Thank You!

The Covid-19 pandemic unfolded quickly, shifting every aspect of our lives. As we continue to adjust to the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic we wish to express our gratitude to the medical personnel, and others, who kept our community going through these challenging times.

At the Terrace Little Theatre we are collaboratively looking for innovative ways to conduct our business in the future and to return to more normal times and the excitement and passion that our theatre society brings to the arts  community when we mount productions and run our youth programs.

While we have always been able to rely on support from our community members, businesses, and government in the past, we gratefully acknowledge that our organization is leaning more heavily on our
community for support at this time. While not being able to create our own cash flow through our regular season production schedule during the pandemic, we instead tightened our belts and rolled up our sleeves to dive deep into some much needed theatre building improvements and maintenance projects.

These projects would not have been possible without the amazing support we have received in the form of volunteer labour, grants, and donations. We have received help over the years from many, many businesses, groups, and government agencies, and the following list is not an exhaustive one.

On behalf of our President Robin MacLeod and our 2021 TLT Board of Directors, we offer our
heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.


Bear Creek Contracting
Betty Barton Construction
Canadian Tire
City of Terrace
Cypress Landscaping
Dr. Rebecca L. Counts Optometric Corporation
Dulux Paints
E. B. Horsman
Geier Waste Services
Gordon Birch 
Gopher Mini Services
Government of Canada
Graydon Electrical
Greater Terrace Beautification Society
Hartman Electrical
Ideal Office Supplies
Northern Development Trust
Northern Health
Northern Savings Credit union
Powerflow Electrical
Sight and Sound
Skeena Concrete
Skeena Valley Golf and Country Club
Terrace and District Arts Council
Terrace Builders
Terrace Community Foundation
Uniglobe Travel
Watson Accounting
Westpoint Rentals