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Our Vision

To enrich the lives of our communities by fostering diverse and creative dramatic experience, while being recognized throughout the region for our commitment to a safe, respectful, and progressive environment.

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The Terrace Little Theatre is always looking to update our VOLUNTEER LIST in all areas of our operations.

The pandemic has been quite a challenge for our not for profit society. We are currently trying to get back up and running in our usual manner and we have managed to find many ongoing projects that we can always use help with.  We need the skilled and the enthusiastic, those with muscle (doing theatre projects always seems to involve some heavy lifting!) and those with some time to spare who want to join our friendly bunch! The hours can be whatever you want to give.

Our Thanks

Summer Drama Days For Youth

The Terrace Little Theatre hosts drama and acting camps where  that let youth unleash their creativity through movement, improvisation (improv), and dramatic expression. They’ll learn valuable theatre skills including technical instruction.

Our Rich History

In 1953, people in Terrace with an interest in theatre banded together to present the play, Father of the Bride. The play was enthusiastically received. Terrace Little Theatre was born.

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